Every once in a while I get into a bead buying frenzy. Onn my day off I went to a couple bead shops in NYC.

These lengths of chain are my favorite. I take them apart & use them as charms. You can see my post about chains as charms here. The stars on this strand are smaller :)

I've been on a czech bead kick (as seen in my bead soup post.)

a quick tutorial:

(I accidentally added jump rings to the picture, hence the squares.)

Use E600 to glue beads to stud needles. Make sure the stud needle doesn't cover the holes.

Take a head pin, slide on a bead cap, then the bead, then another bead cap. Loop unto the chain.

Same format for the stud portion--- bead cap, bead, bead cap. Loop unto the other end of the chain.

Then you're all set!

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