I have amassed a tiny collection of different wing beads. I love the look of the curve on the lobe, so I decided to create a tutorial for these one-sided earrings. (You can always make the second one too!)

First, you're going to glue your bead to the stud needle.

Then I laid out my design.

Slide the chain onto the jumpring and attach it to the wing. Then, put the bead on the headpin & attach it to the bottom of the chain.

I then added the star charm to a jumpring then added it to the middle of the chain length.


Now you're done!

Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. I love this! I am stoked to make a similar pair for myself and my sister thank you!
    Question: where did you purchase the angel wing charms/bead? I can't find anything similar and she is a big Rinoa fan <3


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