For the past week, I've been experimenting with resin. I've fallen in love with the medium, & wanted to share a tutorial of what I've been working on.


  • Resin (I'm using EasyCast, which I purchased at Michaels)
  • A mold. This gem mold is from Mod Podge which I also found at Michaels.
  • Paint (I'm using different craft acrylic paints)
  • Silver or Gold leaf
  • Something to stir & mix your resin. I'm using wooden chopsticks.
  • Gloves
  • Mixing cups (I'm using cheapie clear cups)

First off, you should be in a well-ventilated room. Resin is no joke fume-wise. Put on a jacket & throw open a window.

Resin comes in two parts, resin + hardener. Read the instructions carefully. For EasyCast, it's a 1:1 ratio. I didn't have a measuring cup, so I marked cups off & poured separately.

Then, I poured the mixture into one cup, making sure to scrape the sides/bottom.

Stir & mix for two minutes. Then, pour it back into the other cup, scraping the side & bottom. Mix for another minute. When you're done mixing, it's time to add color.

I thendivided the resin into different cups then added drops of paint, eyeballing it & starting with tiny amounts.

When you're done mixing, you can start pouring into your mold. For your mold, I would choose one with a shiny surface. I have a blue mold with a matte surface & the crystals came out looking matte.

Here is where you can add things. I chose silver flakes. Not going to lie, leaf is such a pain. It's a mess. It stuck to my fingers, it got everywhere.

(These pictures are from my first batch. I've since started to break the chopsticks open to save on them.)

You can either add the leaf directly to your resin mixtures in the cups or spread it over your mold. The pouring-into-the-cup method is less messy. 

Pour your mixtures in. You can also use pipettes. To prevent air bubbles, pour slowly. If they appear, you can use a hairdryer (heat) to 'pop' them. Be careful.

Leave alone to dry for at least a day. There are different curing times, so read your resin instructions. Don't be tempted to touch it! Resin will pick up fingerprints.

After waiting at least 24 hours your gems will pop right out.

The EasyCast lasted me for about five different batches of gems.

Some of your pieces will have excess resin.

You're going to need scissors. I am also using my wire clippers for thicker sections.

Trim the sides.

 Your edges may still be rough. You can take different grades of sandpaper and buff your edges under water due to resin dust.

Then you're all set. These can be drilled & made into pendants, or glued to bails. They can be used to decorate just about anything!

Thanks for reading!

Part 2 will be different ways of using the gems! Stay tuned.


  1. Alyssa, I will take a cart full of these. They turned out great. Thanks, Pat S

  2. This is so lovely. Love the way you used chopstick for stirring. Awesome resin DIY project you did !


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