I love these earrings. I have no idea what to call them, but I love them. Cluster earrings? Beads-wrapped-together earrings? It's reminiscent of my bead soup earrings but instead of dangling, they're on one wire.

I used one large rondelle & a handful of small beads. I needed a bit of wire, a stud, and a headpin. The beads were a random selection of shapes & colors I liked together.

I started with this small black and white bead.

I squeezed the middle, crossed the ends & grabbed it with my pliers. I twisted the wire.

Now, on either side of the bead I added my other beads.

When I was done adding them, I snipped the ends to make loops. I like how you can manipulate the shape & how the beads face and lean due to the wire.

I strung the green bead on a headpin and added it to the bottom loop.

Now for the top.

I slipped on the charm and the stud.

All done!

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