I was exploring Toho Shoji when I came across acrylic keychain blanks. They instantly reminded me of my childhood. My parents still have a photograph from when I was 5 years old, on top of a horse from a fair. It's encased in a acrylic keychain blank. Decades later it still looks great. This post is the first of two posts about these blanks.

I love the blanks but instead of making them into keychains, I made them into magnets. This Christmas, I made & gifted a lot of magnets. I bought large round shapes & also these hearts.

For my parents, I used original photographs. I am blessed to have shoeboxes full of memories.

My boyfriend's parents grew up in Poland & have maybe a couple handfuls of photographs from their (and his) childhood. I had him sneak originals that I scanned, edited due to damage, & printed.

Print wise, I've run the gamut. I printed two photographs onto cardstock from a regular printer which I found to be slightly too thick. Useable, but thick. The prints from the kiosk at Rite-Aid worked great, & I also had the option to print a collage which made it very cheap since the photographs were wallet-sized. Originals were also gorgeous.


  • a printed photograph
  • an acrylic blank
  • scissors
  • magnet
  • glue

The blanks come in two parts, an outer frame & an inner piece. Use the inner piece to figure out the size & location of your photograph. I used a pen to delineate, but you can also press the blank against the photograph and trace with your scissors.

Place the photograph into the frame piece. The edges might not fit perfectly you can trim, or just force it down & have the edges wrinkle to the sides. I tend to wrinkle, due to impatience. Push the inner piece on top.

Then you're done! You can always thread it unto cord to wear as a pendant, or make into a keychain. There is a loop. I like the utility of magnets, so I just glue & press & leave to cure. My boyfriend has his magnets holding up photographs on his fridge, so it's 2x the pictures :)

All finished!

Thanks for reading!

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