These monogram/initial/alphabet studs were created out of resin. I have fallen in love with this medium!



I used Alumilite White Amazing Casting Resin, which (crazily) cures in minutes. My first batch really freaked me out because it cured in the cup. While experimenting I wasted quite a bit of resin.

It comes in two parts, hardener and resin. Mix equal parts in a cup. I didn't add any colorant or paint like in my gems tutorial because it cures white. 

I would recommend doing very small batches. I found that mixing enough resin to fill the mold was even too much--- it would cure before I was finished pouring! (Crazy.)

You can see that it cured too quickly here:


Before mixing my resin, I put gold flakes in the mold. (It's so much of a mess it will be on the mold also.) Do this before mixing or otherwise you seriously won't have time.

Pour your resin. Be in a well-ventilated room, & wear gloves. You can see the resin beginning to cure & turn white.

You can see some overfill here. It will happen, and you can cut away the excess/sand it down.

To be safe I waited about 10 minutes then tapped on the letters with my fingernail. This resin cures very hard. They'll pop right out.

Trim the excess with scissors.

To be safe, wear a mask while you sand. I'm thinking of investing in a dremel, but for now I used sandpaper and emery boards (like what you use to file nails.)

You can use these to decorate and monogram notebooks, household items, etc. I made them into earring studs.

Usually in resin you try & avoid bubbles, but I like the look they give these studs. The addition of the gold leaf will cause your letters to be imperfect. (Sometimes the resin won't be able to fill the space.)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Cute idea Alyssa. I've been a bit scared of resin so far but you've made it look really easy, might give it a go after all :)

    1. Thanks Emma! I was intimidated/scared by it too, but it really is fun! I think I enjoy it more than clay so far. Thanks & good luck!

  2. So glad to see you posting again!! Really love to see your creations and now I'm really inspired to try out resin too!! If you ever come to S'pore pls do lemme know! Would love to bring you bead shopping here:)


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