So these rings are super simple to make!


  • Beads: I used a variety, they can be stones, rondelles, anything you want!
  • Charms: These are optional. If you don't have charms, you can use tiny seed beads to accentuate.
  • Wire

Your wire can be as thick or thin as you want it. I bought this wire at Flying Tiger for like 2 bucks. I have no idea what mm it is, but it's thicker than the wire I usually use for earrings.

I don't have a ring mandrel. If you have one, you can skip these beginning steps.

To start, cut off a bit of wire, enough to fit around your finger with about an 1 1/2 inches of excess on either side. Cross the ends to form a 'o' shape.

At the cross, take your pliers & bend on of the ends to 90 degrees. This makes measuring your finger width easier.

Slip the wire around your finger. Wrap the other tail end around the bent angle.

This is roughly the shape you will end up with. The 90 degree bent piece will be where you string your bead.

I'm using this pink rondelle.

We're going to make a loop. Snip off the excess amount.

I made my loop, then added a star charm before finishing.

Now to deal with the other tail end of wire. Grip your ring base with your pliers, then using your fingers, take the tail and wrap it around the base of your bead as many times are you want. Snip off the rest.

Then you're all finished!

In lieu of charms, you can use a tiny seed bead for a similar effect. The smaller bead will dangle around.

Some different combinations:
  • coral flower + leaf
  • black & white round jade bead + gold charm
  • pearl bird + flat star
  • pyrite chunk + star
  • pink rondelle + star
  • gold wings + star



  1. Hi, I love the added element of the charm to finish off these rings. Thanks, Pat S

  2. These look so cute, I wnat to play around with wire too and this seems like a great project to start! Thanks!


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