Hi everyone!

I have a couple updates in my little jewelry world I wanted to share.
  1. I'm vending for the first time ever! This Saturday, December 17 at Porta Jersey City , 11AM-4PM at their holiday pop-up market. I'm both excited and terrified. Does anyone have any booth or fair tips to share?
  2. In preparation for the pop-up, I finally got a taxID number, which granted me access to the most fabulous supply warehouse in NYC. I'm going to dedicate a whole post to the place, because it's just that fantastic. So far, I've bought 19lbs of supplies. Nine, freaking, teen.
  3. Many, many hours are being spent making new earrings! I work full-time, so I've been dedicating my evenings under a lamp. Tutorials to come!

- Alyssa


  1. How did the fair go? Saw this post late but would've loved to drop by! :(

    1. Hey Jessica! Good to hear from you. I was so nervous and my booth was super amateur looking compared to everyone else's, but it was a win overall because it was a big step for me. I had a lot of people I know stop by and support, and it was very heartwarming and eyeopening.

  2. Hello Alyssa, the parents of a friend of mine lost their lease and are liquidating their jewellery stock. It's in NY. Hope this interests you.

    Also here on FB, their son, my friend showing the chain room.

    1. This is actually the supply warehouse I posted about! I've visited a handful of times already and hope to go once more before they relocate. It's difficult because their hours are the same as my own working hours; I've been able to run over during lunch breaks and whenever I get out early.

      Even with their sales, most of what I like (glass) is heavy & it does add up in $$ because we're charged by the pound. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone though!

    2. Also, I love love love the son, he is SO friendly and did me a kindness by throwing in a bag of beads into my box for me for free!


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