I picked up these beautiful beads from CJS & wanted to share how I made these delicate bracelets.


Skeleton wise for the bracelet: Clasp / Jump Ring / Chain / Jump Ring / End tail for the clasp

To start, I used this very scientific method of measuring out chain lengths:

I'm using very long clasp ends, so I accounted for them in my wrist-measuring. I mostly eyeball, but it's helpful to either go off an existing bracelet you own or borrowing a friend.

I snipped the length of chain, then connected the clasp end via a jump ring. This way the beads won't fall off when slipped on.

This is my design for this bracelet.

For the star bead, I used a headpin to make a loop.

When I was done, I took my second jump ring to finish it off, then the clasp.

Then I was done! Super simple, very easy, a great way to utilize these beads. It's fun coming up with different color combinations.

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