TUTORIAL: Beaded Bows

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I have a quick tutorial on how to make these beaded bows. You can string them on necklaces or even make them into earrings!


Snip a long piece of wire, and string your first line of beads. This is going to one loop on the bow.

NOTE: The amount of beads you will need is dependent on how large you want your bows to be. I used 12.

Cross your two wire ends, pinch with your pliers and then twist.

The twist will keep the loop closed.

String your beads for the other loop on the bow. I chose 12 again to keep it even.

Shape the wire into your desired shape.

Twist, and wrap around the middle.

Add your focal bead to one end and slide to the middle of your bow. Wrap the wire around the middle to secure the bead.

Now you're ready to make the tails.

I like mine asymmetrical. Snip the excess.

Add your charms & you're done!

Here it is again using pink seed beads:

You can string your bows and make necklaces!



Thank you!

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