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  • different sized spike beads / I'm using howlite spike beads 
  • french barrette
  • glue / I'm using E6000
First off, you're going to lay out your beads. I want an inverted triangle shape, so I started with my longest bead to the smallest.
I applied an ample amount of E6000, remember to open a window because this stuff is strong. Start placing your beads.
WARNING: This will get sticky and messy and you will get E6000 everywhere.

I realized that I hadn't laid out enough beads so I had to add two more.

Here I'm pressing the spikes down.
Leave to cure overnight.
Use your barrette to keep bangs back, sweep hair to one side, or for a half ponytail!
Thanks for reading!



Long time no see!

I've been super busy for the few months, plus with the added bonus of Hurricane Sandy destroying New Jersey... It's been rough. I lost my car to flooding and I work at a newspaper, so it's been really hectic. It's finally starting to slowly normalize, and for that I am grateful.

I've been getting the sweetest emails about this blog, and I have not forgotten it!

Materials needed: Elastics & a pair of scissors

Before I start, there are also a ton of great tutorials that can be found online.


These hair ties are ridiculously easy to make and pretty darn cheap, especially since they go for $12 for five at Anthro, and $9.50 for three at Aerie. Since I live close to NYC, I just popped on over to M&J, not knowing what I would find, just that I was looking for elastic trim.

I did not expect such a huge selection. In the garment district, I am a little kid in the candy store.

taken with my phone

My wardrobe mostly consists of dark colors so I was drawn to their black section. More than likely I will keep the tie on my wrist since I usually have my hair down, so I wanted something subtle.

I picked the different trims based on aesthetics and... stretchiness. I was sitting on the floor pulling on the ends, testing the different strengths. There's no point if there is no give, right?

I ended up purchasing seven different patterns. Most of the trims were $1.98 per yard, averaging about 4-5 hair ties a yard. The velvet one was the most expensive.

Wrap the elastic around your wrist, leaving about an inch, inch and a half on either side. I like to wear my ties a little snug, and with use they send to stretch a bit.

Snip the ends at a diagonal. It seems less likely to fray this way, don't know why.

Super easy, make a knot and pull, pull, pull~

A quick tip, this velvet one had to be cut longer than the others:

1. It is thicker material
2. It is wider material

A couple tests of stretchiness:


A quick bracelet:


My attempt to photograph the tie in my hair. I recently dyed my hair burgundy.

I love that these don't leave marks on my wrists.

Thank you for reading!

- A

DIY Rodarte Star Hair Pins Tutorial

I first saw the collection on Honestly... Wtf's site.

 I knew I wanted to DIY it, but I wasn't sure how. That is, until I saw's tutorial. Acrylic star rhinestones were a genius idea! I mentally bookmarked her ideas: the rhinestones, the wire, the glue. I figured I would tackle it a different day.

Then I read the update from truebluemeandyou tumblr saying the tutorial had been taken down.

Eep. I spent the next day making these star pins to share with you guys.

There are a lot of tutorials out there: use foil, use star nail heads, or have big clusters. I like this tutorial from Glitter Mint--I borrowed her trick with the wire through the pin.

This is my contribution to the Rodarte star hair pin craze, I loved making them and hope it inspires people like others posts have inspired me.


I went to two craft stores, Michaels and AC Moore.

MICHAELS: jewels, wire and gold spray paint
AC MOORE: buttons and barrettes

Purchase thick wire, I'm using 20 guage.

+ pliers and wire cutters


Before we get started, I'm going to show how to do 'the loop'.

Grip the wire in between your pliers, and then just loop it around one of the ends.

How to make a loop at the end.

Okay, ready?


Snip a long piece of wire and slide it through the button holes. Take your pliers and twist the two sides together tightly.

The next steps are where you can get creative.


1 and 2. I made a loop.
3. I added a second star.
4. I added a fourth star and more loops.

SO basically, using the one piece of wire, you will be making loops.

When the wire runs out, tuck it into the back of one of the button stars.

Set it aside.

Snip another long piece of wire. Slip it through the holes at either end of the hair barrette.

Now take your piece from earlier and fit it on top of your barrette.

What we have to do now is secure the piece to the barrette.

This next step won't be true for every piece-- I took the wire and slipped it unto the button holes because it fit perfectly.

It will not always be a perfect fit.

Wrap it around the stars, wire, barrette, wrap it and secure it.

Use the wire to make even more loops and 'falling stars'.

This is your skeleton.

Add glue to your loops.

Stick on your stars! Let it dry.

Now you are ready to spraypaint.

(for this part, I'm going to use a different pins.)

Please lay newspaper down and spray outside or in a well-ventilated area! The fumes are no joke.

Let them dry.

Then you're finished!

Here is a before and after spraypainting job!

Thanks for reading!

Don't be afraid to experiment with different shapes!

If you have any questions or comments, please send them my way!


I made bobby pins too.


Perler Bow Pins

Hey everyone! Long time no blog. I have tons of earrings I need to photograph and blog about, but here is something a little bit different.

I went to Anime Mid-Atlantic, a small anime convention around early summer and saw different artists selling bows made of perler beads. I fell in love with them! I decided to go home and make my own designs. This is not at all original, haha.

This is probably considered a little juvenile, but I think they're adorable and great for little girl crafts.

Perler Beads Tips:
  • Buy more black/white. You'll use them the most because they are the more common 'outline' color.
  • I swear what takes the most time is picking out the colors if you bought a mixed bucket (like me). If I could do it over, I would buy the colors separated.
  • (I bought two mixed buckets, the Sunny Days mix and the 11,000 beads one.)
  • But, then again, the buckets are great deals at Michaels, especially if you use a 40% off coupon. I would weigh the different costs, monetary vs time. Or, you can employ a younger sibling to help separate...
  • Seriously, separating takes forever.
  • Iron on a flat surface.
  • Bead tweezers are your friend.

I would start off by separating your colors. I'm using tan and teal.

I first created the middle. Then I created one side, then mirrored the pattern on the other.

Please be careful with your iron! Don't be like me, have it pointed away from you and on a good surface.

When you're finished with your design, place your sheet of paper in between the iron and the beads. 

  •  The ones that come with the bead buckets usually come folded. I would discard those because they leave lines in your work. I spent the extra dollars to buy separate sheets, they're reusable and big enough for my work.
  • Use nice and steady circular motions. You'll see when the beads start melting and sticking together.
  • Be careful when you're finished, it will be hot.

Flip it over. If you want to use this on a headband, you can keep it with only ONE side being melted, because that way it remains curved. Since I'm making pins, I'm going to iron the other side too.

Iron the other side. It will become stiff.

Now to make them into pins. I only have bobby pins on me, but I would use alligator clips or larger hair accessories.

Generous dollop of your favorite glue.

Wait for it to dry, and then tada! Finished.

This is an example of when the holes are pretty much melted away:

And here is an example when the holes are still really big.

I think I prefer when the 'no-holes' better, but don't be afraid to experiment.

Thanks for reading!

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