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I thought I would try my hand at 'themed' posts.

So here is the first of my 'WHAT DID I BUY TODAY' series, craft style.

Craft materials are my weakness. And shoes. And cameras. But those are different stories, lol. I can spend an hour browsing around a craft store. I'll stop in to buy one item, and come out with four. It's a serious problem...

Anyway, with these posts you guys can see what I buy, where I buy, and what prices I buy them at. Hopefully this will be inspirational and you'll be able to discover new items.

Does anyone have any other 'themed' post ideas?

WHAT: white skull beads
WHERE: studio baboo, charlotesville va / search / etc / etc

WHAT: carved roses
WHERE: studio foray, yorktown va / search 
PRICE: $1 each

WHAT: ribbon
WHERE: tj maxx / online / online
PRICE: $9.99

- A

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