EARRING TUTORIAL: spikes & crosses

Hey everyone, I have another earring tutorial I want to share.

You will also need wire cutters/pliers.

Okay, first off, how gorgeous are these cross beads? I got them on sale at a local bead store. They're almost too large for earrings... almost.

Anyway, on to the tutorial.

 First, you're going to take a length of wire and make a wire-wrapped loop. Clip off the excess.

Now, slip on your cross bead. You're going to start another wire-wrapped loop. Do not finish it.

Before you finish the loop, slip on your chain and rhinestone stud finding. Then you will go and wrap it shut.

Put that aside, and now to the spike.

Wire-wrap the spike: Make one end a lot longer than the other and wrap it around the spike.

Do not clip the other end.

A loop will be formed already from the previous long end, so take your remaining wire and wrap it around.

Use your wire cutters to create an opening, slip on your spike and close the loop. (I was still thinking this tutorial through when I was taking photographs.) If you want to be more smart than me, haha, when you're making your cross in the previous steps, slip on the spike before you finish the loop. That way, this step is eliminated.

This still looked a little empty, so I added a small metal bead using the excess wire.

And now you're finished!

Thank you for reading!


  1. these look very nice =] cute tutorial!

  2. Do you make stud earrings or just the ones with a hook?

  3. Hi! I make both~ lately I've been making more studs.

  4. Love them! So pretty <3

  5. very nice and a great tip to add the cross before finishing the wrap on the spike... LOVE THESE!

  6. What kind of wire did you use?


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