I can see why people deem their designs random names. I used to label them as 'stars and dangle' earrings, etc, using descriptors, but I use so many similar components that it's easier just to choose a name. (They would all be 'star earrings'.)

So here I am, joining the club, ahh. These are the Christopher.

  • earring hooks / i'm using hoops
  • different beads used to stack
  • jumprings
  • bar & star charms
  • wire or headpins

Of course you can use any variety of beads.

At first I laid out my design.

I will never stop loving these charm/chain combos. In Christopher, the gold connectors, bars, and stars are from chains.

This is the layout.

I like using wire instead of headpins. Cut a piece, leaving enough room to attach your stack of beads.

To make a loop, I take the flat part of my pliers to bend the end of the wire into a 90 degree angle. Then I take my pliers to finish the loop.

This is the bottom. Before finishing the loop, I slipped on the star. Don't close it yet. Attach your bar to a jumpring, then slide it onto the loop.

Attaching it to the jumpring first adds more free movement to the piece.

Now to add on your beads.

Just slide them on in the order you want them.

I trimmed the wire, made the loop & attached it to my connector. The connector is just an added combine piece, you can add it straight to your hook if you want.

Then, attach it to your hook.

All finished!

If you make a pair of Christopher earrings, tag me on instagram! I would love to see them.

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