I love fishbone chain. I first discovered fishbone chain in a NYC bead store years ago. I love incorporating it into my work in different ways.

They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. I don't tend to work in silver, so I have gold and black chain. You can see that some of the chain is textured, some are larger and more far apart.

For these earrings, I'm using this chain I picked up in Korea.


First step, I took 8 seed beads and strung it on a short piece of wire.

I placed one of the ends on top of the other, pinched it with my pliers and twisted.

I snipped off of one of the end, then made a loop with the remaining end.

Now we're ready to assemble the rest of the earring.

Slip your beads unto their respective headpins. Snip off the excess lengths and make and close your loops.

Open your jumpring and place all your beads unto it.

Close your jumpring and you're all set!

Thank you for reading!

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